Girls Jewelry

 Charmed Love Lux provide jewelry for girls that are high quality! Quality fashion jewelry for little girls. Each piece is specially crafted of 18k gold-plated brass, sterling silver and all the enamel designs are hand painted. 
Our mission is to bring joy to little girls everywhere with luxury, adorable jewelry that offers a wondrous selection of delightfully girly designs.

14 product(s) found for "Girls Jewelry"

Sale Nichole Charm
Nichole Charm
$5.00 $8.00 Save: $3.00
Sale Choco Lover
Choco Lover
$5.00 $8.00 Save: $3.00
Sale Lady Bug Charm
Lady Bug Charm
$5.00 $8.00 Save: $3.00
Sale Monic Charm
Monic Charm
$5.00 $8.00 Save: $3.00
Sale Lilliana Charm
Lilliana Charm
$5.00 $8.00 Save: $3.00
Hot! Stella Necklace
Stella Necklace
Sale Stella Moon Necklace
Stella Moon Necklace
$14.99 $24.99 Save: $10.00
Sale Emma Star Necklace
Emma Star Necklace
$14.99 $24.99 Save: $10.00
Hot! Violeta Necklace
Violeta Necklace
Hot! Claire Necklace
Claire Necklace

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